Shopware 6 extensions

MageVision is not only all about Magento 2. Shopware 6 is also our passion! We have developed for you several high quality extensions to boost your online store. Explore our extension now.

You can find the following extensions for Shopware 6:

  • Email To Customers
  • Cart Product Comment
  • Admin Shipping & Payment
  • Admin Grid Customer Company
  • Admin Customer Product Reviews
  • Admin Order Grid Items
  • Admin Order Grid Customer
  • Unavailable Products At Last
  • Admin Product Grid Category
  • Admin Category Product Thumbnail
  • Admin Category Product Number
  • Greek Regions

You can explore and purchase all our high quality Shopware 6 extensions directly from Shopware store.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of custom shopware 6 extensions or extension customizations.

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Till next time!

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