1. Display Filters Per Category

    Display Filters Per Category

    Do you have too many filters shown in layered navigation and makes it too long in a category page? Do the most important filters for a category are not positioned in the top and makes customers navigation quite difficult? Do you want to remove all filters from a category page? There is a solution to make your layered navigation better!

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  2. Predefined Admin Order Comments

    Predefined Admin Order Comments

    Do your admin users that are doing order management are complaining about wasting time drafting order comment messages?

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  3. Get All Customer Groups

    Get All Customer Groups

    Would you like to get all customer groups that you have in your store? Let's see together how you can easily do that!

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  4. Mini Cart Coupon

    Mini Cart Coupon

    Do you want to provide a better shopping experience to your customers by letting them apply their coupon code in Mini Cart? Then we have the solution for you!

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  5. Redirect To Previous Page After Customer Login

    Redirect To Previous Page After Customer Login

    Do you want to let only customers to access a page in your store? Let's see how you can force a customer to login before visiting a page and then redirect back to that page.

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