Monthly Archives: August 2016

  1. Mass Email Customers

    Mass Email Customers

    Do you want to send a mass email to all or to some of your customers? Do you want to keep them updated about your news, events and updates? Here is a simple solution!

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  2. Admin Category Product Thumbnail

    Admin Category Product Thumbnail

    Do you want to have a better overview of the products that are assigned in a category? Is the product thumbnail image missing in category products tab in Magento admin? Not any more!

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  3. Custom Carrier Trackers

    Custom Carrier Trackers

    Are the Magento default shipping carriers not enough for your store? Do you need to add more custom carriers? Do you want your customers to track their shipment directly from their account and the shipment email? We have the solution for all those questions!

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  4. MageVision @ Magento Marketplace

    We are happy to announce that all our extensions are now available at Magento Marketplace. Magento's Extension Quality Program (EQP) verified that all our extensions meet Magento standards and best practices.

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