Monthly Archives: September 2016

  1. Add Customer Sign Out link in My Account navigation

    Add Customer Sign Out link in My Account navigation

    Do you want to give the possibility to your customer to sign out directly with a link from the My Account navigation menu? Is as simple as that. Let's go and see together how you can do it!

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  2. Add Meta Tags for Contact page

    Add Meta Tags for Contact page

    As is well known, the contact page in Magento 2 is not handled like the other CMS pages. It comes from the module Magento_Contact. By default the contact page takes the default store's meta data for the tags description and keywords.

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  3. Admin Users Online

    Admin Users Online

    Do you have multiple admin users (backend) in your Magento store? Do you want to view, manage and contact the Admin users that are online in Magento admin at any given time? Then you need this extension!

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  4. MageVision Newsletter

    MageVision Newsletter

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