How to Add a Custom Product Type Layout

It is well know that Magento give us the possibility to perform customizations for a particular product type or even for a concrete product page by Product Entity ID or SKU. Additionally we will see in this post how we define a custom layout for a custom product type.

In one of our previous posts we saw how to make a Custom Product Type available for composite products. In that post we assumed that our custom product type was called "magevision_new_product_type". So what we will need to do is to create a custom layout xml file and name it like catalog_product_view_type_magevision_new_product_type.xml. That means that this layout will apply to the magevision_new_product_type product only. In our example we thought about customizing the container "". There you can add the block you need to be displayed only for the magevision_new_product_type product.

Furthermore, you could do also the same for other pages rather than the product detail page, like the checkout cart configure page and the wishlist item configure page. For these case the layout xml files for our custom product will be named checkout_cart_configure_type_magevision_new_product_type.xml and wishlist_index_configure_type_magevision_new_product_type.xml.

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