How to Make a Custom Product Type available for Composite Products

Let's assume that you have created a new product type in Magento. But you also want to use this new product type as a child of a composite product. Unfortunately when adding a child product to a composite product, this type is not available. Let's see together how you can make it available.

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It is well known that in Magento are three types of composite products, grouped, configurable and bundle. Also children products of those composite product can be simple, virtual or downloadable products.

Assuming that you have created now a new product type named magevision_new_product_type, defining it in your product_types.xml but is not shown available to add it to a composite product as child. To achieve that you will need to add the following code to your product_types.xml file. As you see you need to add you new product type code in the composableTypes node.

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