How to Disable Customer Welcome Email

Let's say that you have a customer management system integrated in your Magento store which sends out a welcome email to the customer after registration. That means that you do not want also Magento to send out the default welcome email. In this post we will see how you can disable Magento default welcome email.

Unfortunately there is no option in Magento admin to do that. So we will need to customise the newAccount function of the EmailNotification class. This function is responsible for all welcome emails, meaning also for the confirmation, the confirmation success and for the no password in case the customer is created in admin. So you can choose which functionality you want to disable by checking the template type used. In the AccountManagement class you can find all available template types of the registration process.

So now let's create a plugin for the newAccount function and add our customisation. As we want to disable the functionality of that function we will use the around plugin.

At first we declare the plugin.

At second we add the plugin class.

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