Add Complex Messages

Would you like to add a message that contains more information than just text? For example a message with a link to the customer account? Let's see how you can achieve that in Magento 2.

Is well known that if you want to add a message in your page after an action, you can simply do that by using the following functions depending on the type of the message.

  • addSuccessMessage()
  • addErrorMessage()
  • addNoticeMessage()
  • addWarningMessage()

All the above functions are provided by the Magento\Framework\Message\ManagerInterface interface. When you add a message using one of these function the output is automatically escaped. That means that if you want to add a link to the message the result will be the following.

The solution for that is to add the message using the following functions, which are also provided by the ManagerInterface.

  • addComplexSuccessMessage($identifier, array $data = [], $group = null)
  • addComplexErrorMessage($identifier, array $data = [], $group = null)
  • addComplexNoticeMessage($identifier, array $data = [], $group = null)
  • addComplexWarningMessage($identifier, array $data = [], $group = null)

Furthermore, you will need also to add and define a template that will be used for the identifier. Defined a template for the identifier in the di.xml like below.

Add a template

Add a complex success message in your action.

So now the message with the link will be show correctly like below.

The full example as extension can be found here.

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Till next time!

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