Payment Method Logo

Do you want to display a payment method logo/image for all default payment methods in Magento checkout like paypal does? All you need to do is to install this extension!

The Payment Method Logo extension gives you the ability to display a logo/image for the default Magento's payment methods in checkout. You can easily configure the logo/image in Magento admin to each payment method. Allowed image extensions are .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png and .svg. Additionally you can configure to display the method title next to the logo/image. Default Magento payment methods are Check / Money order, Bank Transfer Payment, Cash On Delivery, Zero Subtotal Checkout, Purchase Order and Credit Card Direct Post ( Please notice that the extension is developed and tested on a default Magento theme. The extension overrides the templates of the default payment methods, so we can not guarantee that the extension works as described, if you have a customized checkout or installed an one step checkout extension.

Key Features

  • Display a logo/image for the default Magento's payments method in checkout
  • Display the method title next to the logo/image

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